A Guide to Passing the CIA Exam




Are you well prepared to pass the CIA exam? Passing the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam is quite an accomplishment, and candidates that passed upon their first attempt emphasize on the significance of adequate preparations. You can find best cia review courses here.

This article takes you through a couple of useful CIA exam study tips to help you excel:

Understand the Test

The CIA exam is split into three parts. Each component has between 100 and 125 multiple choice questions, and it ought to be completed in two or two and half hours. Most exam candidates say the third section is the most difficult and it includes questions that are conceptual and harder to understand. Armed with knowledge of the exam’s ins and outs will help you craft an appropriate study plan. For more useful reference, save here.

Have a Study Timetable

Definitely, you aware of the need to find adequate time to study to enable sufficient preparation by a certain date, but what really counts is how your study time is organized. You realize that digesting and remembering information acquired slowly over time is way easier than attempting to uptake it all at once the last minute.

To have an edge, begin by making time for studying every day, and ensure that you adhere to the study schedule strictly, eliminating all potential distractions and concentrating on studies alone. Cramming for the CIA leads to failure as the test contains so many problems that test your capacity for logical reasoning and analysis as opposed to memory of facts. As such, make time and study hard concept step by step, and don’t bother attempting to remember facts you do not understand.

Find the Right CIA Exam Resources

There’s no scarcity of resources you can use to prepare for the CIA exam. For instance, find CIA review courses meant to help understand every single aspect of the test. The most trusted resources provide thousands of sample CIA questions that are usually covered in the exam.

Understand the Concept of Answer by Elimination

Because the CIA is a multiple choice exam, there’s always a right answer among the choices offered. For that reason, never leave any question blank regardless of how difficult it is to figure it out.

You can try using the answer by elimination method when you’re unable to crack a CIA question using any other approach. Through elimination, identify the answer that’s obviously incorrect. Also, there’s a chance of an answer that’s factually right, but contextually immaterial, and it also should be eliminated.

Without using CIA resources to get ready, passing the test will be hard. The above guidelines can help you pass the CIA exam. Please click this link http://www.ehow.com/info_12117789_benefits-becoming-certified-internal-auditor.html for more info.


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